Welcoming message from Venerable Khen Rinpoche Lobzang Tsetan

Eight Verses for Training the Mind:

A Powerful Practice for Transforming Difficult Circumstances

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The book Peaceful Mind, Compassionate Heart can be purchased  HERE


Interview with Khen Rinpoche Lobzang Tsetan in Maine Today

Learn about new developments with International Network of Engaged Buddhists, by viewing The Way Forward Short Film.

For more information about opportunities to practice and study the wisdom of Buddha in Maine, go to Maine Buddhist Gathering.

Tashi Gatsel Ling also recommends referencing the rich content you can find on FPMT. FPMT stands for the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition. Many of the texts used at TGL can be found here.

Dharma Talk on Courage and Compassion in Challenging Times by Tsunma Tenzin Dasel

Tsunma Tenzin Dasel interview with Excellence Reporter on What is the Meaning of Life