Tashi Gatsel Ling contributes to whole-community engagement by providing contemporary practical applications of Buddhist wisdom and compassion in a welcoming environment.   It is a vehicle to explore and engage in reliable practice: meditation, study, teachings, engaged Buddhism and retreats led by Buddhist monastic teachers.  We aspire to cultivate the profound benefit of a full sangha as established by the Buddha: ordained monastics and lay practitioners supporting each other in Dharma.  Our vision is to establish an Eco-Dharma Center in mid-coast Maine for visiting Tibetan Buddhist monastics, and particularly female nuns supporting both lay and ordained through intercultural learning and practice.


Long Life Prayer Offered by the CTA on behalf of the Tibetan people.

All of the members of Tashi Gatsel Ling Eco-Dharma Center wish His Holiness the Dalai Lama long life, perfect health and that all of His holy aspirations come to benefit the Dharma and all beings.  We humbly align our activities to support HIs Holiness’s main commitments to the Oneness of Humanity, Interfaith Harmony, Preservation of Tibetan Buddhist practices and culture, and sharing the Nalanda Buddhist teachings to benefit today’s world.