Eco-Dharma Center

Efforts are now underway to build an Eco-Dharma Buddhist project in midcoast Maine, USA. A generous benefactor is making land available in Maine to establish a 24′ yurt to house the TGL shrine, part of our library and our Spiritual Coordinator, Venerable Tenzin Dasel. It will also be large enough to house visiting female monastic scholar practitioners who will be visiting from India on a grant awarded to TGL to promote dynamic Dharma Female Leadership.

We are underway with funding for the yurt platform, and the ordering of the yurt. Due to COVID, we have greatly re-visioned this project. We area currently seeking to raise an additional toward fully establishing the interior of the yurt.

We welcome individual support and donations for the following:

Wood Pellet Stove + Installation ($2,000); Kitchen set up (metal sink and cabinet $350); one futon couch & 2 futon mattresses ($1,400). External deck and composting outhouse ($5,000). Solar array ($3,500)

Thank you for considering sponsoring one of these items. The nuns shall offer prayers and dedications on your behalf.

Thank you for your donation via our TGL Donate page or by clicking the button below. For more information and to find out how to leave your estate toward developing this project, please contact our BOD at   May all be free and well!

Please support this project by making a donation via our TGL Donate page or by clicking the button below.