A Retreat at Tashi Gatsel Ling – Join Us!

Join us this November at Tashi Gatsel Ling

3-day Shamatha-Mindfulness Weekend

November 10 – 12, 2018

Lead by Ani Tenzin Dasel


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Joining a 3-day meditation retreat is a unique and precious opportunity. It is seldom that we have the chance to step away from our very busy daily lives and take time to turn inwardly, learn to observe our mind and to center our awareness in a peaceful practice. Some experience in meditation is recommended to obtain the most benefit from this retreat.

During this course, Tashi Gatsel Ling and Ani Tenzin Dasel, the retreat leader, are aiming to provide participants with a peaceful, environment conducive to supporting the practice of mindfulness, meditation, silence, and reflection. The principles of moral behavior (i.e., setting an ethical foundation to ground your practice of meditation) are essential. Therefore, we ask all those participating to respect these rules of conduct.  We also request participants to refrain from listening to/playing music and using the internet or cell phones on this retreat.

The Shamatha weekend will be held in SILENCE (outside the guided meditation and Q&A sessions). The silence is extremely important to course participants.  Being in silence allows us to calm our minds and creates (over time) more spaciousness and peace in one’s mind. If it is your first time doing a silent retreat – embrace this experience, and use these rare three days of not talking to direct your attention and energy inwardly instead of outwardly.
Space is limited to first nine people to register. The retreat is by donation to help Ani-la cover travel costs to India. Attendance for the entire weekend is preferred, but partial attendance may be permitted if absolutely necessary to attend.

Please plan to attend the entire weekend.  Partial attendance may be permitted.

Please email perley@maine.rr.com for reservation.

Accommodations will be available in walking distance or short 10-minute drive to nearby yurts (cost will be the responsibility of participants, but a special rate will be offered).
Breakfast & Lunch will be the responsibility of participants, local options within a 5-minute drive or bring food. Dining options are available within a 5-minute drive, or you may bring your own food.

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