Rinpoche Columbus Day Weekend: Only Teachings in Maine

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Maine College of Art (MECA)
Friday, October 6 at 7pm
522 Congress St, Portland, ME

(Osher Hall) 
The topic will be announced in an email prior. 

Curtis Memorial Library
Sunday, October 8 from
23 Pleasant St, Brunswick, ME
(Morrell Meeting Room)

Tong-len – The Practice of Taking and Giving

Knowing the importance of altruistic love and compassion for all living beings (Bodhicitta) is crucial. Taking this wisdom to heart and manifesting it in all our affairs can be quite challenging. Fortunately, Tong-len meditation is an amazing tool to help us along the path. Khen Rinpoche will teach us how to take on the suffering of others and give our own happiness to them. It is a powerful way to generate Bodhicitta and, in the process, transform our own minds to be more peaceful, joyous, and free. There may be a short meditation at the end of Khen Rinpoche’s talk and there should also be time for questions and answers.

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